Tools Charts Submission

Vendor Marketing Language Agreement

INSTRUCTIONS: In order to qualify to submit any tools to the National Center on Intensive Intervention, you must read and accept the marketing language agreement below. The agreement outlines the intent and purpose of the tools charts and NCII’s prohibition against inaccurate or misleading language (i.e., making claims about NCII’s endorsement of a product, or a product’s superiority over another product) in any of your promotional materials. You must accept these terms in order to proceed. If you decline these terms, you will be redirected to the login page.

By accepting this agreement I have indicated my understanding of the intent and purpose of NCII tools charts, and my agreement to use language that is consistent with this purpose in any marketing materials that will be used to publicize my product’s presence and ratings on the chart.

Specifically, I understand the following:

  1. The Technical Review Committee (TRC) rated each submitted intervention study against established criteria but did not compare it to other studies on the chart. The presence of a particular study/intervention on the chart does not constitute endorsement and should not be viewed as a recommendation from either the TRC or the National Center on Intensive Intervention.
  2. All studies/interventions submitted for review are posted on the chart, regardless of results. The chart represents all studies/interventions that were reviewed, not those that were “approved.”
  3. The chart includes information and ratings on the quality of research studies about different interventions, not ratings on the interventions themselves. Furthermore, the ratings are about study quality only. A separate section of the chart describes the effect sizes, or results, for those studies. Users are expected to review the study quality ratings and effect size information together when interpreting the chart.

When marketing my product, I will not use any language that is inconsistent with the above. Examples of inappropriate marketing language include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  1. Reference to a “top-ranked” product in comparison to other products on the chart
  2. Reference to “approval” or “endorsement” of the product by NCII

If NCII becomes aware of any marketing material on my product that violates this agreement, I understand that I risk removal of the product from the chart. I also understand that I may draft language and submit to NCII staff for review in advance of releasing it, in order to ensure compliance with this agreement.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement.  By selecting "I AGREE", I signify my agreement to comply with all requirements contained herein.